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Comments I received through Facebook

posted Nov 08, 2011 15:01:19 by GratitudeDana
Jennifer DeSimone writes:

"I am a newcomer to your page. I am grateful for the opportunity to shine light in the world thru Heartworks, an Acts of Kindness organization with several chapters across the US. It makes my soul shine to be able to organize Acts of Kindness for people going through many different stages of life's journey. Find out more:"

November 2 at 3:54pm
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GratitudeDana said Nov 08, 2011 15:01:53
Jo Vacing-Dibblee writes:

"‎Dana Tremblay what YOU Do makes such an impact! THANK YOU!

November 2 at 4:00pm
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GratitudeDana said Nov 08, 2011 15:02:51
Virginia Ellenson at Giraffe Journal writes:

"I just found your page while visiting Shaman Medicine Woman's and look forward to seeing more of what you've shared here. I'm sharing my gratitude daily on my profile wall during the month of November and inviting others to do likewise, so I'm grateful for the synchronicity of your post and the joy of finding kindred spirits in this virtual world through the blessing of technology put to inspiring use. ♥"

November 2 at 4:05pm
GratitudeDana said Nov 08, 2011 15:03:20
Dixie Bennett writes:

"I just purchased a sweet package of Gratitude and Soulshine. These cards are very sensible and such a gentle reminder! Thank you for putting it in writing and sharing with the world. Being on my true path makes my soul shine and getting to meet amazing people everyday gives me great gratitude and I feel so lucky to get to do what I do."

November 2 at 4:15pm
GratitudeDana said Nov 08, 2011 15:03:45
Brenda Outhouse writes:

"I am truly grateful for pages like yours that make me smile with each reading. My soul shines when my friends are there for me.... thanks for asking."

November 2 at 9:43pm
GratitudeDana said Nov 08, 2011 15:04:09
Jen Mccarty writes:

"I am grateful for everything...To be alive, To be awake, my precious son, my health, and the great health of all my family, my beautiful home, my beloved community, being me, my gifts, the gifts I come to share....Yes... everything really... Thanx so much for asking"

November 3 at 11:07am
GratitudeDana said Nov 08, 2011 15:05:05
"What a lovely page! Thank you for inviting me to visit. Angela ♥ ♥ ♥"
GratitudeDana said Nov 08, 2011 15:16:07
Walita Smallcanyon writes:

"...when I start connecting the dots in my life, I can say each dots are cherished moments, it may be happy, sad, loving and bittersweet, but it has molded me into a spiritually strong, loving person...

You are an inspiration to many that read your encouragements. Keep it going..."

November 6 10:30 pm
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